The Week in Review

This week's finds were few and far between. Garage sales were practically non-existant so it was another thrift store weekend. Althought the shelves were filled, there wasn't too much that interested me. I did pick up these few items - Haeger Gold Tweed Astray, Circa 1960, Made in Japan Egg Cup. This could actually be the beginning of a new collection! Fireking Refrigerator Dish, no cover, Noah's Ark Collectible Plate. I never buy the collector plates, but this was SO cute.... and lastly, An Elvis Book, filled with nothing but pictures. Who could leave that behind! Hopefully, this week will be filled with an abundance of new purchases. I'm happy with my finds, but it's a little discouraging not to be able to find more! After all, the thrill is always in the hunt!