Is This Crazy or Just Plain Fun?

It's great fun to go on a thrift store shopping spree. No, I don't mean locally.. I mean taking off for a full day (or more) to new shopping cities. Last summer I went on a 3 day thrift store marathon with a good friend of mine who also happens to be a thrift store junkie. We started out from her home just outside of Provo, Utah, and covered about 300 miles and 10 thrift shops on our adventure. Most of the shops were run by Deseret Industries, a non profit organization of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Our journey took us through Provo, American Fork, Sandy, West Jordan and St. George. We had a great time, ate lots of junk food (disguised as healthy food), and bought lots of "junque". It was a little sampling of what it must be like to attend the 600 mile yard sale on the east coast. Here's some of my great finds. We have more trips planned, so I'll keep you updated on our progress!