Libraries for Vintage Books? Sure!

Public libraries don't stock junk. But when books get old or are so highly specialized that they don't get any action, they have to go! Libraries can't keep books forever, there's always new ones coming in, so they have to make room. Most public libraries, at least in my area, run discarded book sales. They may have a special area always kept stocked with books for sale, or they may run special sale days. Libraries in the Las Vegas area run "bag sales" about once a month at different branches. These are by far my favorite - you pay only $1.oo for as many books as you can stuff in a plastic grocery bag! Most of them are vintage, just waiting to be scooped up by collectors. I've found classic children's books, collectible reference books and great old science books, to name a few. These books will usually have library stamps and other marks identifying them as discards, but they are basically in great shape. I've also found near mint newer books by Paula Dean and Wolfgang Puck that had been donated to the library, but which were never stocked. Check your local libraries for sale dates and locations.