History Comes Alive with ManateeDreams

History comes alive in ManateeDreams' studio, which is filled with an eclectic array of vintage items that were once found in every almost every home. Books, kitchen items, toys, sewing items, household decor, and even souvenirs of long forgetten voyages fill this shop with memories of times past. ManateeDreams has been discovering vintage treasures since a child, when family excursions always included side trips to antique and junk markets. She eventually began collection her own specialties of children's books, natural history books, and kitchen utensils. She enjoys refurbishing items and finding every item a new home.

ManateeDreams suggestions for those interested in collecting?

"Read, read, read and touch, touch, touch" Explore estate sales, auctions, garage sales, brick and mortar shops. Don't be afraid to get dirty exploring grungy storage rooms. They often hide long lost treasures. Use libraries and online sites for researching your items.

ManateeDreams is a member of the ArtFire Vintage Guild