Vintage Clothing and Accessories from VintageCostumes

Love of theater and opera that started at age 12 was the beginning of a lifelong passion for the vintage clothing collected and sold by VintageCostumes. After performing as a teen, Kelly designed her first show at age 18 and subsequently went on to design drama, opera, dance and some musical theater. She designed, shopped, and collected, and her knowledge of vintage fashion grew. She has even turned some of her vintage finds into sewing patterns to reproduce a particular piece. Some favorite items in her personal collection are Victorian 18 button boots with green suede trim, a Knights Templar uniform overcoat from 1881, and a 1950's women's suit with hundreds of tiny hand sewn pleats. Kelly offers a variety of vintage clothing and accessories in her Artfire studio. You'll find men's and women's apparel, gloves ties, scarves, hats, even sunglasses! You'd think Kelly's passion would keep her busy enough, but no, she also runs a bradcast network consisting of live webcast video of concerts, festivals, sporting events, and training seminars!

Kelly's advice to anyone interested in collecting vintage?
"Know your stuff" "Enjoy what you do" and "Do take a risk - sometimes"!
Kelly warns that there are many modern knockoffs of vintage pieces, so research is vital. Shows such as Antiques Roadshow or Pawn Stars are interesting and generally informative, but viewers shouldn't think they can buy things to flip and make quick cash. If you do your research and know your stuff, you have to be prepared to sit on an item until the right buyer comes along.