Vintage Medicinal Almanacs

I've worked in the medical field for 40 years and have a small collection of old medical ephemera. I love reading the old medical almanacs from the 1920's to 1950's. The almanacs were actually printed by companies in an effort to sell their medicines, and distributed by drugstores and pharmacies. And what medicines they were! My favorite is the 1939 Jaynes's Almanac. The entire booklet educated the reader on the symptoms and horrors of roundworms! I have no idea whether the medicine worked, but found the reading quite amusing.

Some other popular almanacs include Doans' Directory of the United States, advertising Doan's Little Liver Pills.
Dodd's Medical Almanac Dodd's Almanac published by the Dodds Medicine Company of the US in Buffalo NY
Dr Miles New Weather Almanac and Handbook of Valuable Information

These and many other almanacs contained calendars, medical information, testimonials, product ads, patient photos and cute graphics. They were given away free as an advertising promotion.