Just a Hole in the Wall!

I love finding small second hand shops and charitable thrift stores. The big chains are great, but discovering places off the beaten paths is one of my favorite thrifting things to do. About a year ago, on the way to a large local store, a thrifting friend and I found a church run shop in a poorer section of town. Figuring we had each other for support, we decided to explore. The small store held lots of surprises: small vintage items, some furniture, creaky stairs leading to a second floor with clothing and linens, a trailer full of books, and a small outside yard filled with boxes of items that hadn't even been examined yet by the proprietors! The two fellows who ran the place were very friendly and helpful. We filled our baskets and were pleasantly surprised when we cashed out, as the gentleman behind the counter simply looked at each item and then gave us a very reasonable price for the whole lot. This little local thrift store that looked like nothing on the outside, has become a routine stop on our treasure hunts.

This sugar and creamer set is one of the unusual items found here!