Vintage Clothing for the Modern Man or Woman

If you're interested in vintage clothing, Nelda's Vintage Clothing probably has something you're looking for. Nelda opened a brick and mortar store over 25 years ago, focusing on vintage jewelry, collectibles and furniture, but soon her customers started asking for clothing! One rack of clothing led the way to a successful new direction for Nelda who has now been selling vintage clothing on line for 10 years. Her shop is filled with men's and women's apparel. shoes, purses, accessories, etc. As a collector, Nelda's passions include bakelite jewelry, vintage handbags and shoes, and 1940's clothing.
Nelda's suggestions for those interested in collecting vintage clothing? - buy items that can be incorporated into something you already own. Try mixing one item of clothing, such as a blouse or skirt, with some modern accessories. - look for reputable sellers who know their merchandise and are able to answer your questions. Nelda can be found at Nelda's Vintage Clothing website and ArtFire. Nelda's Vintage Clothing is a member of the ArtFire Vintage Guild.