It Started in a Chevy

"When I was a girl, my father use to take me out "junking". We had this old beat up classic Chevy pick up that we drove around looking for old stuff and laughing until we cried. Sometimes we rode out to the desert with our metal detectors. Other times, we pulled up to garage sales in that old beat up pick up. We never had anything in mind of what to look for, just something old. Sometimes we just found junk, but every once in a while, we would find a diamond in the rough. When I was older, I purchased a box of junk jewelry. In the box I found a treasure trove of costume jewelry with names like Weiss and Coro. I had no idea what lay before me, but I did know it sparkled and shone like nothing I had ever owned before. The pieces were heavy and well made and there was no way I was going to resell it until I researched it. That research brought me a wealth of information and a new found love for collecting jewelry."

Childhood experiences sparked this collector's vintage passion. Trudy now loves the thrill of the hunt more than anything else. She sells most of what she finds, but sometimes keeps unusual or beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry for her personal collection. Her ArtFire studio, AlianaVintage, is filled with vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories.

Trudy's foremost suggestion for anyone collecting vintage is to be patient. "Too many people know what to look for and you are competing with them every day."  She also suggests you stay calm and focused, examine everything closely, and offer fair prices at garage sales.