Vintage Style from After Dark Vintage

What happens when your collections become too large for your space constraints? Often a new business is born!  Chris from AfterDarkVintage always loved playing dress up as a child. She especially loved evening gowns and started shopping for vintage in her early 20's. She and her sister would shop auction and estate sales, bringing home whatever they loved. Eventually, as with many collectors, her house started overflowing with her treasures so she began selling on Ebay. After Chris sold most of her glassware, she turned to her vintage clothing collection, realizing that others would appreciate what she had to offer. She now enjoys shopping, photographing and selling her vintage apparel. She loves the feminine styles of the 1940's through the 1960's.

AfterDark's suggestions for new vintage fashion collectors?

Familiarize yourself with the proper method of storing and caring for these items. Each item and fabric needs special care and treatment. Don't hang if an item is not being worn consistently, and NO WIRE HANGERS!
Chris is happy to assist anyone with questions they may have.
You can find AfterDarkVintage on ArtFire, Etsy, Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza.

AfterDarkVintage is a member of the ArtFire Vintage Guild.