A True Treasure Hunt

What fun we had yesterday digging through boxes at one of our thrift store haunts! When we arrived, the proprietor said he was trying to clear things out, so he'd give us a good deal on anything we found. This particular not for profit store always has lots of merchandise - much of it is common, broken, or just not very interesting. With a little effort, however, we always seem to find some hidden treasures. Just as I was beginning to get discouraged, I came across a lovely Hull brown drip handled casserole dish with lid, in pristine condition. I wanted it for my personal collection no matter what the cost! Then we proceeded to the yard area, where nothing is organized. There are boxes upon boxes of items that are filled with everything from clothing to tools to kitchen items. JACKPOT!  Four or five large boxed were filled with vintage kitchen items. We were lucky enough to find a Griswold cast iron griddle, two cast iron cornbread pans, some aluminum bowls, some old dinosaur ice cube trays, vintage aluminum pots with lids, old nutcrackers, loads of baking supplies, and a few interesting cookbooks! We had to leave before we finished searching, 'cause it was just getting too hot! When we checked out, we were given such a great deal that I felt bad and had to give a little more for these wonderful finds.