Collectible Milk Glass

I am starting to pick up some pieces of collectible milk glass. I never really had much of an interest in this glassware, but I see more and more pieces showing up, and some are truly beautiful. I research every piece that I find, and am learning more and more every day.

Milk glass is opaque or translucent white pressed glass that was popular from the 1890's through the mid 20th century. It is very popular today as a collectors' item. Some of the more well know manufacturers were Anchor Hocking,  Akro Agate, Westmoreland, Fenton and Fosteria. A large number of patterns were produced, the most popular being Hobnail, numerous raised dots covering the item. There were elaborate as well as plain utilitarian designs. Dinnerware, decorator pieces, vases and bowls were all popular items. For more information, visit  Collector's Weekly.

Anchor Hocking Hobnail

Fenton Hobnail

Anchor Hocking Teardrops and Pearls