How Do I Know This is Vintage?

For those of you who missed this post previously, I'm repeating this info for the newbie!

The identification of vintage items is not a science. Oh, it's easy if a manufacturers mark, copyright or item name is found on a piece, but what if there's no information to be found? That's when the research begins - on the internet, in books, and through experts or appraisers. Research is the key to all successful vintage collecting or selling. Often, however, there IS NO information to be found on a particular item. Examining style, wear, patina, quality of workmanship, composition, etc usually give an accurate picture of age. As one becomes more familiar with vintage items, it becomes easier to recognize these characteristics. Reputable vintage dealers will do the best they can to honestly describe all pieces in detail.

Sometimes it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to research a new found treasure. This journey could lead to new knowledge or to a dead end, but either way, it's always one wonderful trip!