More Vintage Cookbooks

I picked up a few very interesting vintage cookbooks this week. The first is called A Good Cook .... Ten Talents Natural Foods Cookbook, copyright 1968. The cover doesn't reflect the delicious recipes inside, but shows a very plain woman reading her Bible! It's a natural foods cookbook and complete health manual of vegetarian recipes. In the introduction, the author refers to various bible quotes to suggest a natural diet offered us by our creator.

There is a statement on the title page suggesting the book be read 3 times. First, to have something to talk about; second, to find out what the author is trying to say; third, because you really want to learn something.

Next we have Bayou Cuisine, It's Tradition and Transition. This is an exceptionally large, 415 page, community cookbook from 1979 published by St. Stephens's Episcopal Church in Indianola, Mississippi. It contains hundreds of regional recipes. The chapters include recipes sorted according to eras: Indian, Spain, France, England, Mississippi Territory, Ante Bellum, War Between the States, Post Bellum, Delta Chefs, Art, International Origin, and Space Age. It's plastic coil bound, but has a clear plastic page protecting the cover. Looks as if it is a wonderful book for bayou cooking; this was the sixth printing of a 1970 copyright.

The Millard County Utah Centennial Cookbook from 1979 is another unusual community recipe book. This large book is hardcover with over 400 pages, and was compiled by Millard County Residents and The Millard County Centennial Committee. It's nicely illustrated with reproductions of vintage kitchen advertisements and contains hundreds of recipes for main dishes, side dishes, breads, sweets, beverages, wild game and outdoor cooking. There's also a section on kitchen basics.