Mix And Match Your Pfaltzgraff!

In the 1980's, Pfaltzgraff introduced a simple patterned dinnerware with bands of color circling the base and/or edge of each piece. There are many variations on this theme. Some of the more popular patterns are Ocean Breeze (blue, green and teal bands; 1995 - present day), Aura (blue/gray and pink bands; 1986 - 2007), Sky (blue bands; 1987 - 1994), Northwinds (green and blue bands; 1992 - 1999),  and Juniper (green and mauve bands; 1990 - ??). Single pieces can often be found at thrift stores, and I'm always on the lookout for the less common pieces. Cups, mugs and saucers are easy to find, but there are also salt and pepper shakers, soup bowls, larger serving pieces, sugar bowls, creamers, pitchers, the list goes on and on. The great thing about these patterns is that you really don't have to get all your pieces in the same color theme! They all look great together, and it actually gives a nice variety to a place setting.

Ocean Breeze