There Ought to be a Law !

I don't know why I bother checking out the garage sales in my area. I should have learned my lesson by now! There are always lots of signs with arrows pointing the way. So I naturally get excited and follow.. except that either the signs disappear after the first couple turns, or the designated address is completely void of any sale. Why can't sellers remove their signs after the sale? They are evidently left from the previous day, or even the previous week! Discouraged, I tripped on over to my local thrift store haunt and was able to find a few treasures to save the day. Nothing too exciting, but I did find a couple pieces of brown drip for my collection, a nice Norman Rockwell mug, and a nice Frankoma pottery dish. Garage sales should be off my "to do" list, but come next week, I'll probably do it all over again. You just never know what you might be missing!