A Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Mystery

About a year ago I found this piece at my local thrift store haunt.


When I purchased this item I didn't even know if it was Pfaltzgraff.  It has no makers mark, which is usually found on all Pfaltzgraff. I bought it because I had never seen this pattern before, and I knew it wasn't the regular Yorktown jam pot.

I searched and searched for a similar piece with no luck. Now jump ahead one year... It was time to give it another try. I finally learned the pattern is Pfaltzgraff, Blue Floral, 35th anniversary edition from 2002. But I still couldn't find the piece. Finally, I found the base only for sale, and it was called a dessert bowl! Now I know that isn't true, since I have the cover. I'm very excited that no one else seems to have this piece in their collection.. and if they do, they're not telling!
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