It's Not Always the Real McCoy!

It says McCoy. It looks like McCoy. But.... It's NOT always McCoy! There are numerous recent reproductions of  the more sought after McCoy pieces by some unscrupulous potteries using the original McCoy mark. According to Real or Repro, Your Online Source for Identifying Fakes and Reproductions :

"Once a company goes out of business, there is no corporate legal staff to challenge the use of registered trademarks or brand names. If registration of a trade name expires, it can even be relisted under a new owner."

Such seems to be the case with this McCoy dog bowl. Original pieces costing $60 or more are collectors items; new pieces selling for about $10 are just a nice dog dish! This dish actually looks too good to be true, and it is. These pieces were made in the 1930's and 1940's and should show some wear. This one is mint.

However the most incriminating indication that this is a fake is the ghost image of the McCoy mark on the inside of the dish. Hard to see in my photo, but there's a much better photo on the Real of Repro website.

Also be aware, reproduction and faking is not only a problem with McCoy, but with many popular higher priced collectors pieces. Do your research prior to buying and selling!