It's Not Fiesta Ware but....

it's another pattern by Homer Laughlin!
The first thing most people associate with Homer Laughlin dinnerware is Fiesta Ware. I found this brown pitcher, and immediately recognized the concentric rings around the base as something similar to the those on Fiesta Ware. There are no marks, so I did my research and discovered this was another pattern by Homer Laughlin called Hearthside. It was manufactured in the USA from 1971 through 1980. A week later I found the salt and pepper shakers at the same shop! The color of the shakers matches the color inside the pitcher! Although these aren't Fiesta Ware, I think they are just as beautiful and love the subdued colors. Besides the gold and chololate brown, I've also seen the pattern in solid white and green. It's for sale on Zibbet.