A Tea Party

My grandmother drank tea. My mother drank tea. I drink tea. For me, tea drinking becomes a lot more fun when I use a teapot from my collection. I enjoy a cup or two of green or herbal tea, brewed in a vintage teapot, and sipped from a vintage cup. I collect brown pottery teapots, and was really excited this week when I spotted this mint Japanese teapot and cup. Tea drinking in Japan is taken very seriously. The Japanese tea ceremony began in the 15th century and is still continued today. Tea and a light meal are served in a complex and beautiful ritual, incorporating the Zen Buddaism ideas of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

Here is another of my favorite teapots I found on a thrifting excursion. It's a beautiful art deco piece and I'm hoping someday I'll find the lid!

Along with my teapots, my collection includes vintage tea tins, tea bag holders, tea strainers, tea themed plates and mugs, and of course, lots of teas!