Collecting Souvenir Plates

I love vintage souvenirs. Most were not the mass produced cheap pieces we often find today in souvenir shops, but were quality pieces made in smaller quantities. One of my favorite decorative souvenir items is the souvenir plate filled with images of the many places I've visited. They surely bring back memories. A collection of souvenir plates make a beautiful display when arranged on a wall.
There are many types of plates available at nominal prices. I suppose you could collect every one you find, but I prefer set themes. There are state plates, national park plates, places of interest plates, fancy plates, transfer ware plates, etc. I personally collect plates from Niagara Falls, NY, which is just outside of where I grew up, and any plate of caves or caverns. Here's a few examples of the types of plates you might find.

So don't pass by that next plate you see. It might be the beginning of a fun collection!