Do I Keep It or Sell It?

When I visit a thrift store to replenish my inventory, I am always drawn to things that I would like add to my collections.  I collect vintage brown tea pots, tea strainers and tea bag holders. When I purchased these two tea sets, I had the intention of reselling them, but as you know, once you bring something home, it continues to grow on you. I actually thought about keeping them, but I broke down and put them up for sale.

This is a Hall China "Tea for Two" set. They are small teapots with one used for hot water and the other for brewed tea. I suppose you could also brew two different teas if you have company!

This set struck me because I had never seen one like it. Beautiful color, one teapot, one cup, one creamer and the under plate. Who wouldn't be satisfied drinking from this cute set! There are no marks, so if anyone knows anything about it, please let me know!