Discarded Vintage Books Repurposed

Vintage books are getting harder and harder to find. The internet has changed the way information is shared and today books are downloaded to be read on phones and tablets. Books are still available for those who prefer reading the old fashioned way, but most books today are made without the quality and craftsmanship of those made fifty and more years ago. Then, books were made to last, but interests have changed and the majority of old books are discarded. What a shame! Very few of us would sit down with a book written a hundred years ago, but the covers, titles, and maybe a few pages could give us a glimpse into a past long forgotten. One of my passions is repurposing these unwanted books into useful journals. Rare and collectible books should always be kept intact, but there are thousands of worn, damaged and discarded books which can be partially preserved in a new form for years to come. Visit my Pinterest board or Etsy site to see some of my unique journals and notebooks.