Currier and Ives Dinnerware

I remember, as a child, eating from Royal China's Currier and Ives blue dinnerware. They depicted farm and other rural scenes, sleigh rides, paddle wheels and more. The dishes were a promotion from A&P supermarkets where you received free pieces with your grocery purchase. If you wanted more pieces, you could purchase them for a reasonable price. When I became interested in antiques I started finding a few individual pieces here and there. As I became more aware of the pattern I realized that Royal China was not the only company producing this pattern, blue was not the only color, and ovenware was also produced!

Some other companies producing the Currier and Ives pattern were Taylor Smith & Taylor, Scio China, Homer Laughlin and McKee Glass. There were others, but these are the only companies that I've found pieces from so far.

Scio China
Taylor Smith and Taylor

Homer Laughlin
McKee Glasbake

 There are many opportunities for collecting Currier and Ives. You could collect by color, theme, company, cups & saucers, plates, etc. And since they are not too expensive, you can enjoy your collection everyday at the dinnertable.